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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What happened to my recordings after the shut down?

During early February 2019, we will begin the official shut down of the services and servers. We do not have an exact time frame, but we anticipate that by the middle of February 2019, all servers will be terminated and all content will be deleted. Although we do plan on keeping a backup of the content for a short while, please don’t count on it. If you need your content and you had an RSS feed, we strongly recommend you migrate your RSS to a new host no later than Feb 10th, 2019. See our blog for details.

Q. Can I set a 301 Redirect on my old RSS feed?

Although the website is down, we can still apply an RSS 301 redirect manually until Feb 10th, 2019. Please email us at support@zcast.co. We can’t guarantee it, but we will do our best to help you.

Q. Can I download my old recordings?

Unfortunately, at this point, the only way to download your content is if you had an RSS feed with ZCast. There is no way to locate your recordings otherwise. To download your content using your RSS feed, navigate to your ZCast’s RSS feed URL (typically it would be your ZCast handle name followed by .rss. For example, if your ZCast handle name was MyZCastHandle than your RSS URL is: https://zcast.co/MyZCastHandle.rss. Once you opened this feed URL in your browser, you can find the various links to your recordings. You can also use an RSS validator website such as castfeedvalidator.com to visually view your feed and download all the content. Just paste the URL of your RSS into their site and follow the links for your media files.

Q. What will happen to ZCast after the shutdown?

ZCast Inc. the company behind ZCast is going to be dissolved and shut down within the next few months. If you are interested in the I.P. of the company or otherwise interested in taking over ZCast, feel free to contact us at info@zcast.co to discuss.

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