ZCast Is A FREE Online Marketing/Branding Dream Come True (Strategy Included)

Now that our free mobile/web podcasting tool finally unleashed recording and landing pages– it’s safe to say that ZCast is officially a dream come true for online marketing, and branding purposes. This applies to companies (of all sizes,) and personal brands alike.

Before we dive into the strategy, allow us to explain why.

We made it easy for everyone to podcast by removing all the barriers. No need to have a special podcasting room. No need to have special equipment. No need to have special software. Simply download ZCast on iOS, or use the web version on your computer/mobile browser and get castin’!

So what, right? We’ll tell you! This makes online marketing/branding SO MUCH EASIER to do. Though it might not make sense at first- adding ZCast to your online marketing/branding strategy will make it easier and quicker for you and your brand to do everything else, such as original blog posts, and social media updates.

Okay, start taking notes because this is where the strategy begins! Successfully using ZCast for your online marketing/branding efforts boils down to two things:

  1. The creation of evergreen content
  2. Repurposing that evergreen content LIKE A BOSS


The Winning Strategy:

Initial Discussions (To Save Time)

Before starting anything- take some time to think about what the subject matter would be. Here’s a list of ideas that’ll surely help get that conversation started. Would the casts be solo, or group casts? We made it easy for users to do group casts without having to be in the same room, area, or even hemisphere! What are evergreen topics that everyone can comfortably talk about? Focus on that.

Then download ZCast, and explore how you can make the most of it. Here are some questions to ask yourself while you’re exploring:

  1. How can I make the most of the built-in chat feature during live casts? How can I encourage audience participation?
  2. What might be the best days/times for me to go live on ZCast? What would be the frequency?
  3. What would be the best category/tags for me to use upon publishing recorded casts, to ensure maximum visibility?


Testing 1, 2, 3

Once all that is cleared up, play around with ZCast. It’s up to you if you want to make your “experimental casts” public. As far as the user community is concerned, they’re pretty awesome. There’s no shame in titling your first few casts something along the lines of “Test” or “Let’s see how this thing works.” So many have done it, and continue to. And listeners typically tune in, commenting along the lines of “We hear you. You sound great.” Everyone is really supportive.

Easy Repurposing and Cross-Promotions

Now here’s where things get extra special. We’ll explain using a series of examples, so bear with us. Let’s pretend you have an app/service called AwesomeYAY, which is all about being cool.

Here’s what you should do:

  1. Start casting evergreen material. Let’s pretend the first cast is titled, “People Like Cool People.”
  2. After you publish the recording of the cast, create a blog post based on the cast. This can be titled something along the lines of, “Top 5 Reasons People Like Cool People.” The post can flat out be a transcription of the cast, or some quick highlights.
  3. Embed the cast in the beginning or end of your post. You will find the embed code in the web version of the cast. We also recommend you share the link to your personal landing page towards the end of your blog post. Encourage your readers to check out your casts, or even suggest ideas for future casts.
  4. Once you have enough casts and blog posts down, consider stringing some of the posts together to create an ebook! “The Ultimate Guide to Becoming the Coolest Person Ever.”
  5. Consider creating Slideshare presentations, based on the content in your casts/blog posts. Link to your blog posts on each slide as needed, “for more info.”
  6. Making Slideshows? Might as well repurpose the visual assets on an infographic. Possibilities are endless!


Social Media Promos

The fact that you can forever promote evergreen content is one of its greatest perks. But don’t always go by the method of sharing only the title, followed by the link. You can also use quotes, or other teasers followed by the link.

Here are some templates featuring different ways you can promote the “Cool People” series of content- for your casts, blogs, and everything else:

  • Why do people like cool people? Find out in our podcast: [LINK]
  • You can be cool without breaking the bank! Find out how on our cast: [LINK]
  • Discover the top 5 reasons cool people rock on our blog: [LINK]
  • “Studies show that 80% of cool adults used to be shy kids.” Learn more: [LINK]
  • Did you know that millennials follow baby boomer trends to be cool? Read all about it in our latest ebook: [LINK]
  • Have a look at our quick visual guide on “Staying Cool Forever” on Slideshare: [LINK]
  • Hear our CEO discuss how being cool leads to success on our podcast: [LINK]


There’s more to come from Team ZCast, to further assist you in your marketing efforts. We’re working on things such as analytics, RSS, and more. We’re all over it. And we will update this post accordingly.

We really do take requests and feedback seriously, so don’t be shy to say hi: