ZCast 3.5 – Breaking the Social Walls

We are excited to finish 2017 strong with one more important update to the ZCast platform.

What’s new in ZCast 3.5?

  • Extended Social Authentication Support
  • Native iPad and iPhone X Support

Extended Social Authentication Support

Starting with ZCast 3.5, we are breaking down the social network walls and we are opening the doors to ZCasters to all universes in addition to the Twitter universe!

Yes, as of ZCast 3.5, you can use ZCast even if you live only on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google, or if you prefer, you can even create an account directly with ZCast and become a ZCast citizen.

We accept you all, no matter what your style of online authentication.


If you choose to go with ZCast for your authentication, we have a special treat for you. ZCast accounts are password-less.

What this means is that we will not ask you to create, nor remember a password!

Wait, what? No Passwords? How is this even possible?

Yes, instead of setting up a password, once you create an account by giving us your email address, we will send you a one-time link that you will use to complete your signup as well as authenticate, and that’s it.

There is nothing to remember, therefore there is nothing to forget, well, except for your email address.

Think of it like your password reset links, just that at the end, we don’t ask you to create a password.

Native iPad and iPhone X Support

Two other enhancements we are really excited about are our native iPad design for the iOS app, and our improved layout to look stunning on the new iPhone X.

For iPad users, this means that you can now use ZCast on your iPad and take advantage of the entire iPad screen, even use it in landscape mode!

On the iPhone X we are using the entire height of your screen to give you the best user experience possible.

What else?

We smashed some bugs that users have reported to us and we made the iOS and web-app be more stable and load faster.

So get going with the new ZCast 3.5. You can download the iOS app from the iOS App Store or start using it directly from your browser.