Why Anytime Is A Good Time To Start Podcasting

Do you think your marketing and branding game is on point without podcasting? We don’t doubt it. We’re sure it is.

We’re sure you already have a decent following and audience across social networks. We’re sure you already have a community of people that turn to you for your expertise in your field. We’re sure you’re already rocking it with your blog posts, forum answers, and/or social media updates. We’re sure you’re doing an amazing job keeping everyone entertained and informed. So why bother podcasting, right? If anything, it’s probably too late to start, isn’t it?

Actually, anytime is a good time to start podcasting, especially with ZCast. We’re only being slightly biased and completely honest as we say this. Allow us to explain why.


You Can Further Expand Your Audience

Not everyone likes to read. You may have won the hearts of many that love to read, but there is still a lot of unchartered territory that’s yours to claim in the arena of people who love to consume audio content. It only makes sense for you to branch out, and continue doing what you’re doing, in audio form. Discover how that expands your audience.

It’s Free

Who doesn’t love free? Traditional podcasts cost a lot of time, money, and resources. Granted, it is all perfectly justifiable- but aren’t there other things you could just as well do with the time, money, and resources? ZCast is free. Free to sign-up, use, and broadcast. You don’t need a special soundproofed room, or special equipment/software. You also don’t need guest speakers, or co-hosts to physically be near you as you’re casting. Just do your thing, and work your magic.

It’s a Millennial Magnet

In due time, millennials will outnumber baby boomers. Between millennials and baby boomers, the boomers are the ones keeping traditional talk radio stations alive, while the boomers are mostly gravitating towards podcasts. You need to grab your share of millennials while you still can!

They Are Easy To Repurpose

You can use your casts as the base for the content you love to create anyway! Write a blog post or two based on your cast. Write social media updates based on your cast. You can even create slideshows that branch out of material from your casts. There are endless ways to repurpose your casts.