We are pleased to announce the latest release of ZCast including a new look for scheduled casts! Learn more!

What’s New with ZCast

You asked, and we listened.

Within hours after launch, ZCast started with a *BANG*! Broadcasters and listeners from around the world started using our app, and submitted their feedback and suggestions to us by sending an email over to

We opened every single one. And we took notes on every single one. Because we are here for YOU!

Greater priority was given to items that were requested most. Anything that is not released this time around will be out soon enough. Don’t worry, it’s all in the works. In the words of our CEO, we’re a “tiny global team,” and we are working tirelessly to optimize ZCast in the best way possible, as quickly as possible, for each of you.

We are pleased to share the things that changed in the latest version of ZCast that features a new look for scheduled casts! You can now:

  • See how many people have subscribed to your cast

  • See the status of your guest speakers invites directly from the home screen or in the ‘My Casts’ tab
  • Clearer action buttons for subscription and/or accepting an invite

  • Updates to the time stamps, so you know exactly when a cast is scheduled for

  • Share a link to your upcoming cast once you scheduled it!

These updates are in addition to several others, including improved user detail views, mic settings, and other general bug fixes and performance improvements.

Many of you have asked about recording casts. All casts are being recorded- the technology has been built in. We are working on straightening out some final kinks before releasing archives. It will be ready in a near-future release… we are on it! Stay tuned, keep experimenting, and keep those suggestions coming! We are listening to your casts, and your suggestions, and we are loving it all.

Thank you so much for your support!


  1. Aaron

    So excited to be able to do my own Z Casts thank you again and again !

    1. Farhana Rahman

      🙂 You’re very welcome! Thanks for your support!

  2. Siam Odyssey

    When will the function to add listeners to the Zcast like a “radio” call in show? Typing your question on the screen is to hard. The ZCast needs to flow better.

    1. Farhana Rahman

      Hi Siam, we are fine-tuning that capability, and it will be ready in a near-future release. Stay tuned! 🙂