What’s New With ZCast

The time has come, ladies and gentlemen! After months of requests and endless tweaking, we are thrilled (and relieved) to finally unveil the grand update you have been waiting for.


That means you get a landing page! And YOU get a landing page. EVERYONE GETS A LANDING PAGE TO SHARE THEIR CASTS!


Okay, we know you’re about to fall off the edge of your seats, so we’ll just dive right into the exciting details of additional features we have added, to make your ZCast (with recording) experience all the more awesome.

Here are some simple things you must know first:

  • Your Old Casts are Waiting for You: You can find them saved as DRAFT ZCasts under the “My Casts” option. Go there to add the final touches on the casts you love, before you share and publish for all to hear
  • You Now Have Access to Archives: See and edit your own recorded casts under the “My Casts” option

Now here’s a little something even more exciting. You can edit meta-data for your recorded cast! Here are some of the items you can add to spice things up a little:

  •   Add a description of your cast, for greater visibility.
  •   Upload a cover image (take a pic, or upload from camera roll, and crop as desired.)
  •   Add tags (make your own tags and own them!)
  •   Assign a category to your cast
  •   Flag explicit content. There are children listening. 🙂
  •   Choose a privacy setting: Private, Public, or Draft

Introducing Recording

Here are some of the specifics on the new additions of the recorded cast playback feature:

  •   Full-screen player with extended cast info and playback controls
  •   Mini-player, allowing you to keep browsing content while listening to a cast
  •   Ability to set playback speed

Oh! And there is also the new ZCasters Option!!!

  •   See a list of the most recently active ZCasters
  •   Search for a ZCaster you already know
  •   Access the shared recordings of all ZCasters on their channel screen

Introducing ZCasters Tab

There’s so much more that the latest version of ZCast has to offer, such as the ability to share casts directly to Facebook or LinkedIn, in addition to Twitter.

We’re a really tiny team that worked round-the-clock on making all these features happen. We hope it was worth the wait for you. Please play around with the latest version of ZCast, and let us know your thoughts!

You know where to find us: | Twitter | Facebook


  1. Joseph Kaufman

    A. Is it compatible with other casts? Right now I have all my podcasts in a drop box file is it easy to migrate them?
    B. Is there a chat option for comments during a live cast?
    C. Are there any video integration possibilities?
    D. What private are the private settings?
    E. Is it still only on ios?

    1. Farhana Rahman

      Hi Joseph.

      A) The current version doesn’t offer the option to migrate other casts. But that’s a great idea- passing it onto the product team.
      B) Live chat is available as casts are streaming live.
      C) The current version is audio-only.
      D) Anyone with a link could access your casts.
      E) iOS and Web at the moment. The workaround for Android users is to access the web version on their mobile browser: