What’s New With ZCast

It has been a while since our last major update. We quietly made many changes on both the iOS and web versions of ZCast along the way though, based on requests from both broadcasters and listeners. We’re a “tiny global team,” and we must admit, it gets tricky to implement changes. Sometimes we tend to features that are requested the most. Other times, we make our own decisions on what we feel is needed most (which would also ideally be relatively quick to deliver).

When it comes to the changes that are quietly made, we just lightly release them. Only heavy users would notice. But this time around, we did quite a lot of major improvements, both on ZCast overall, and individually on the iOS and web versions. And in typical startup-life-fashion, the sleepless nights were absolutely worth it!


Here are some highlights of the major improvements:
ZCast iOS App Update

  • On Air Mode: Decide when you want to “go live”. This gives you the opportunity to set up and talk to your guest speakers before the audience can listen in.
  • Host Controls: Use the new control panel to decide who speaks (and when) with the ability to silence any speaker.
    • Tip: Double tap a guest speaker on your screen to toggle their silence state
  • Cast Connections: A cast will no longer end if the host gets disconnected.
  • Improved Self-Test for the Audio System: Double check to ensure that you can hear and speak as part of the audio diagnostics on both the iOS and the web-app.
  • Less Distractions: No more beeps if a guest speaker joins the cast too late.


Next on our list is the long awaited for access to recorded ZCasts, which will be out in a near-future release, so you can direct your listeners to your ZCast profile page which will feature your recorded casts of your choice. You will also be able to embed casts onto your blog. Stay tuned for that, and keep your suggestions coming.

And of course, if you experience any difficulties, email us: