Useful Tips for Evergreen Podcast and Content Creation

When it comes to frequent content creation, from podcasts, to blog posts, we highly recommend creating evergreen masterpieces that your audience can refer back to over and over. Timeless content not only keeps audiences hooked- it also helps keep you relevant for an extended period with minimal effort.

Now don’t get us wrong, we are all for short-term content such as news stories, and product reviews- it’s definitely exciting. However, that means putting in the same amount of effort for something that has an expiration date. You might as well work on content that will continue working for you for years to come. In the words of content creation expert Paul Colligan, it is essential to steer clear from creating content that is “here today, gone tomorrow, and a week later makes you look bad.”

In previous posts, we offered suggestions on things you can easily talk about on your podcasts, and topics that visual creatives can talk about. In this post, we are going to cover more ground.


Top 3 factors to consider for evergreen content creation:

  • SEO Friendly: Your content should be something that you know people are looking for by the masses on search engines.
  • Longevity: The subject matter needs to be interesting long after the date it has been published.
  • Traffic: The content needs to be able to bring traffic back to your website on an ongoing basis.


To help you get started, we put together some evergreen content ideas that you can pick and choose from:

  1. Tips for beginners in your field
  2. Top 10 reasons to XYZ
  3. Unique opinions
  4. How-to do XYZ
  5. Life hacks
  6. Industry myths debunked
  7. Training course material
  8. Annual posts, such as research
  9. Define industry jargon
  10. Company-related stories
  11. The keys to being productive in your field
  12. Strategies for common problems
  13. Useful resources
  14. The history of XYZ
  15. Interviews discussing the lives, and behind-the-scenes stories of the interviewees.


Here are some pointers that will help your content ‘look’ more timeless:

  • Avoid Giving Sense of Time: Try to not use words like “yesterday” or “recently.” This also applies to expressions such as “last week,” or “this month.”
  • Consider Shifting Date Placement: Upon publication of podcasts and other content, most templates include dates to be prominently displayed by default. It may discourage newer audiences to click through on items that were published long ago.
  • Add Value When Discussing Events: There will be times that you would simply have to discuss interesting events and news. Add value to it by providing things such as cross references, deep analysis, or your own opinion.


Follow these tips, and people will be sure to consume your content for months, or even years- so long as it provides value for them.