The Perks of Scheduling Podcasts

Since the launch of ZCast, we couldn’t help but notice what a difference it made when users would schedule their podcasts in advance. 

The number of listeners that tune into cleverly titled scheduled casts tends to be significantly higher than the number of listeners that tune into spontaneous casts- as much as 255% higher based on our data. This is especially the case when there are group discussions with co-hosts involved.

That is usually because subscribers were given the time to plan their days around the cast accordingly, to allow themselves to be able to tune in. It is also because they were able to open ZCast at their convenience, see what’s coming up, got a chance to think about it, and subscribe. That would explain why 47% of adhoc live casts (so far) have ended up without any listeners, while only 5% of scheduled casts didn’t have listeners. The latter were typically casts that were titled “Test.”

Does that mean we are against spontaneous casts? Absolutely not! By all means, we encourage you to cast when amazing opportunities come up, or when inspiration hits. It adds to the dynamic nature, and charm of ZCast.

But without a doubt- there are many perks that are associated with scheduling content. The perks apply to both personal and professional brands equally. Allow me to explain.


It’s A Time Saver

Scheduling your content ahead of time will help give you a lot of flexibility in terms of planning what will be discussed. No need to pull an all-nighter to do research the day before the cast. You will also have a decent amount of time to offer teasers to your audience across social networks of what’s to come by optimizing accordingly for each network.


Keeps You Organized

Content calendars in general have a way of ensuring you will execute on your strategy, which helps with project management and organization. Once the date/time is set *and* made public, that pressures you to make it actually happen. It also spares you from dealing with panic over what will be covered in future episodes, and ends up being useful if you want to keep track of the subject matter that was covered.


Reduces Chances of a Podfade

“Podfade” is a term used by podcasters to describe shows that slowly fizzle away before reaching their 20th episode. It happens more often than you may think. This is precisely why early listeners of podcasts slightly fear getting too wrapped up in a cast that might ultimately let them down. This is exactly why you should schedule a series ahead of time- so your listeners can trust that you won’t podfade away from them.

Remember that scheduling your content ahead of time doesn’t mean you can forget about it till it is time to start casting. Scheduling is only a means to put things in motion for you, and your listeners.