Podcasts and EdTech: Elementary School and Beyond

We’ve previously written about how podcasts are increasingly being used in universities as it’s making waves in EdTech. But is the use of podcasts in education only limited to universities? What about elementary schools, and high schools? The good news is that podcasting technology can easily be used across the board in almost any educational setting.

As more and more educational content is being created and distributed through podcasts for all learning environments, educators and students alike are enjoying the benefits. They are given on-the-go access to exclusive quality audio content that ranges from coursework, to professional development, to personal development during their most critical years.

In addition to content consumption, podcasts provide a way for teachers and students alike to expand their creativity by publishing and distributing content. Teachers typically use podcasts to record lectures from each class to a website which provides an RSS feed that the students can subscribe to. That gives students the freedom to have a little something to refer back to, to jog their memory. In many cases, it also spares students the trouble (and expense) of working with a private tutor after school.

Here are some other ways podcasts can be used in EdTech for kids and teens:

  1. Supplemental content alongside textbook reading
  2. Broken down audio books
  3. Spoken-word assignments for students
  4. Foreign language assignments
  5. Recorded classes for virtual learning
  6. Announcements for parents and the community

Here are some ways students, especially auditory learners, can benefit from podcasts:

  1. Groupcasting assignments
  2. Debates
  3. Interviewing people in their lives
  4. Musical performances
  5. Responses to materials they are reading
  6. Practice speaking effectively while improving vocabulary


Have a look at the infographic below, to learn more about the benefits of podcasting as a learning medium.