Podcasting growth, the booming of #yesphx and ZCast’s 3rd place at Venture Madness 2017

The Edison Research group in partnership with Triton Digital released their annual #InfiniteDial 2017 digital media research results, and podcasting continues to play a big role in it, and keeps its up-and-to-the-right trends.

This can explain why ZCast, a podcasting platform, that competed at the Venture Madness 2017, got the 3rd place out of more than 80 companies entering the competition.

Some of the key findings out of the new research shows that podcasting is still a growing market, and already reached a mainstream status.

With 67 million Americans who are addicted to podcasts and listening every month, and with overall awareness of over half of the population, at 60%, podcasts are not something to be ignored!

Exciting time ahead.

Venture Madness brought in some truly amazing companies and we were proud to be a part of them all, then to win 3rd place out of more than 80 amazing companies, now that’s a vote of confidence!

Of course, we wanted to give a huge shoutout to the winner of the whole competition, Clean Router. Well deserved on all counts! Clean Router allows you to manage devices within your home to prevent children from accessing internet pornography. The router is hooked up to the home’s modem and manages any device ranging from a mobile phone to a gaming console, and doesn’t require you to be a technical geek. Just plug their router and you are all set to go.

Here are the top 16 companies that competed head to head with ZCast on the Venture Madness stage (in alphabetical order):

This was a huge honor for us, as we are just getting started as a company. Most, if not all of the other companies were much more heavily funded, or generating revenue, while we are totally bootstrapped.

Another amazing aspect of the event was seeing and hearing what outsiders had to say about the growing #yesphx business ecosystem. Our guest speakers, the YC grad trio: Steve Huffman, CEO of Reddit, Justin Kan, founder of Twitch and his younger brother Dan Kan of Cruise Automation, the self driving car who got acquired by GM late last year, all shared how much more business-sense it makes to hire talent in Phoenix, especially with the impossible “tax” in the form of ridiculous cost-of-living in the bay area, a cost that prevents students from staying there after graduating from all the top school in the bay area.

Jay Fulcher, the freshly appointed CEO of Zenefits, told everyone how amazing the quality of employees they have in their Tempe facility, and how much he enjoys visiting the Phoenix office.

Bernee Strom, founder of PriceLine, who shared how much she likes the potential of investments in the area and how great it is to come and see the innovation that comes out of the Phoenix growing community.

One other thing to note about the community here, is the nature of helping vs. competing. Everyone in our growing community is willing to offer their help, give feedback and help opening doors to any new company that starts here.

This is what makes the #yesphx community boom!

One other place where you can see this amazing growth is Greg’s List, a listing of the area’s companies that is adding about 10 new companies every month! according to Greg Head the creator and host of the map.

We wanted to thank the Venture Madness 2017 community, judges, its organizers, our amazing group of mentors and all who participated.

Thanks again for the honor of being selected as the third place winner. We are excited to show you what’s next as we are just getting started.
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