Podcast Tips: Topics for Visual Creatives to Talk About

Our team is here to offer tips and tricks to make it easier for everyone to podcast. As a part of this mission, we recently published posts on how to sound fantastic, general podcast ideas, and interview questions that can be applied to most anyone. After we shared the post on interview questions, our good friends (who just happen to be interior specialists) over at Mocha commented expressing curiosity over how people/companies who are more visually-oriented can still get into the podcasting scene.

Mocha Screenshot

Well we are full of ideas on how topics such as design and interiors can be brought onto the podcasting medium! Feel free to use these as inspiration to make it your own.

  1. Business Operations
    What does it take to build and operate a successful firm/eCommerce site? How so you select team members and keep them motivated? What do you look for in vendors?
  2. Client Success Stories
    Shared images of beautiful party favors you assembled for the wedding? Or maybe you shared a few of your graphics that fared well with clients in the past. Tell your fans the stories behind them!
  3. How To’s
    Share simple recipes on your podcast. Maybe offer tips on how to prepare basic comfort foods with a twist. Offer ways to repurpose leftovers. Suggest creative projects that could be done using beads that tore off a bracelet, or broken crayons, or even twigs. Discuss different gifts that can be arranged using inexpensive items stuffed inside a mason jar. Talk about how different apps can replace basic functions on Photoshop.The possibilities are endless.
  4. What You Do Best
    Our friends at Mocha sell beautiful home accessories on their website. So maybe they can talk about basic interior decorating know-how. This includes different themes (Victorian, futuristic, vintage, bohemian, floral, steampunk), space-saving organization (horizontal vs. vertical shelving), and decorating do’s and don’ts. Fashion Designers can talk about how to use different materials for different purposes, celebrity fashion trends, screen printing innovations, and more. UX/UI Designers can talk about their experiences with different software, and shortcuts they learned along the way.
  5. History Lessons and Background Stories
    Selling multiple items on your website? Talk about the history behind them! You don’t necessarily have to talk about who invented the first clock, but you can talk about the origins of the wood your clock is from, and the people who assembled them. Do you design fancy chairs? Talk about what inspired you to create your latest series. Do you design jewelry? Consider talking about the healing properties of certain gemstones.
  6. Do This, Not That
    Do place a soft spotlight on the prima ballerina, don’t go disco during her solo. Do place fine crystals in a curio, don’t leave them by the stove. Do spot-clean your oak table with special cleaners, don’t use nail polish remover. Do offer your client a few headshots in black and white, don’t go Warhol on them. Do add a twist of lime into your guacamole, don’t add coffee. Okay, we may have exaggerated a bit- but you get the drift.
  7. Benefits of XYZ
    Do you work in print design? Talk about the benefits of having a business card, or fliers and one pagers, or banners. Do you paint? Discuss how serene and therapeutic it is to set up and paint in a park. Do you bake? Talk about the benefits of using spelt flour instead of wheat flour. Interior designers can talk about things like the benefits of higher ceilings in smaller rooms, or feng shui.

These are only some of the many ways that creative minds can express themselves and share their insights using podcasts. Let us know if you have any other ideas!