Podcast Tips: How to Sound Fantastic

You don’t need to have a “radio voice” to sound great in a podcast- you just need to know how to use your voice well. Practice using your voice to create interest and sound credible in your podcasts. Here are some tips that will help you get started:

Master your Breathing Technique

Doesn’t that sound like a tip for singing? Well the idea is pretty similar- you want to connect with your audience with your voice. By breathing ‘right,’ you will create a presentation style and tone that exudes warmth and authority.

Vocal quality tends to go down a slippery slope when the speaker is experiencing any form of stress, or because of their nerves. This has a way of closing up your throat and restricting airflow, which affects breathing, and in turn- tonal quality.

Try to relax your shoulders and take a few deep breaths before you start podcasting, so you can fully project your words from your diaphragm.


Practice your Diction

Good diction is important because your audience needs to understand what you are saying. It is why people who clearly enunciate their syllables tend to get more respect and attention.

As you read through your notes, be sure to open your mouth to clearly shape out the words. Whenever you come across trickier words like worcestershire, or phenomenon, or specific– simply pronounce them at a slower pace.

When it comes to making use of the shape of your mouth, pretend you’re an opera singer. It’s okay if you look weird- because that’s the beauty of audio podcasts- no one can see you!


Be Comfortable with Being Yourself

Many first-time podcasters tend to be overly formal in the beginning. They end up using a fake voice, and sound robotic. Loosen up to create a relationship with your listeners.

On that note- don’t be afraid of your voice. Your recorded voice is exactly as others hear it, so get used to how you sound in recordings and train yourself to become comfortable with it.

Put care into sounding natural as you focus on sharing your insights with your listeners. Slowly but surely, it will leave them coming back for more.



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