Here's a list of topics you can use for inspiration as you decide what you can potentially talk about in your podcast.

Podcast Tips: 40 Things You Can EASILY Talk About

You know that writers block-type feeling that creeps up whenever you consider podcasting?

We know the feeling all too well. You might have a reputation for being good with your words. But once the camera is rolling, or the mic is on… you freeze. You suddenly become unsure of what to say, or what you’re even supposed to be talking about.

That’s okay. It happens to the best of us. But don’t let that stop you from podcasting! There are lots of relatively simple things you can talk about, to ease your way into the podcasting game. The best thing about easy topics is that more listeners would find themselves relating to it.

Here’s a list of topics you can use for inspiration as you decide what you can potentially talk about in your podcast.

  1. How to shop for XYZ
  2. Time vs. money
  3. Different strategies in your field of specialty
  4. How to do XYZ on a budget
  5. Ideas/practices that have becoming obsolete
  6. Experiences with consultants/employees
  7. Paying it forward
  8. How industries differ between regions/countries
  9. Interviews with influencers
  10. Things you would change
  11. Things to consider before joining different societies/groups
  12. How to make a difference in XYZ
  13. How to keep track of XYZ
  14. Personal development
  15. How to make the most of downtime
  16. Knowing when to let go
  17. How different tools/software helped you advance in XYZ
  18. The way certain services disrupted entire industries
  19. Ways to share knowledge with others in your field
  20. How to take control of your life
  21. Websites/Games/Apps you like
  22. Travel/Dining recommendations
  23. Movie/Gadget reviews
  24. How to handle criticism
  25. Ways to turn an idea into a business
  26. News commentary
  27. Topics that need more media coverage
  28. Recommended tools to accomplish XYZ
  29. The future of XYZ
  30. People worth knowing
  31. Brands worth following
  32. Materials worth reading
  33. Guilty pleasures
  34. Nostalgia
  35. Ways to save money
  36. Social movements
  37. Diet/exercise
  38. Elements of campaigns
  39. Mastering client relations
  40. Different cultural practices

Stay tuned for more podcasting tips! We’ve got a lot of goodies in store!


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