Marketers: Don’t Shy Away From Podcasting

We frequently come across many online marketers who want to give podcasting a try, but end up postponing the idea because they aren’t sure of how their audience base would respond to it. Most of them acquired their audience either through intense social media marketing, or by demonstrating thought leadership on their blogs- and in many cases, both. Individually and together, they’re both pretty time-consuming, and we totally get that. We also understand how exhausting it might be to come up with a brand new marketing plan that incorporates podcasting efforts. And you know what? IT IS WORTH IT!

Allow us to explain some of the reasons why.

  • Podcasts are smaller in size (compared to their video counterparts,) quicker to load, and easier for your audience to add to their own sites.
  • Most brands don’t keep the visually impaired community in mind as they market their products. Podcasts help break barriers to that community, and makes you and your brand accessible to them.
  • Podcasts create an enhanced experience for all. There is something sensory about it. Without audio content, you’re oftentimes left with plain old words on websites and such. Though those words can have depth, podcasts create extra depth.
  • You can create brand awareness in a space that’s much less crowded than the blogosphere. Greater noticeability for you. Less noise for your audience.
  • It’s a conversation starter. Pardon the self-plugging here, but with ZCast, podcasts are made interactive and dynamic as listeners chat during live casts.
  • Podcasts are easy to repurpose. Did you mention a list of points in your cast? You can create several posts out of it, each linking to the cast for more info. You can also create a slideshow, which will link to the cast at the end. You can even use it as an inspiration piece for ebooks.

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