How To Make Your Podcast Grow Using Social and Online Media

Podcasts are relatively easy to start, especially when you have a solid network of friends or followers. But after that initial hype- many find themselves wondering how they can make it grow. Thankfully, all it requires is the implementation of a few simple actionable steps. We decided to list out the steps that don’t require spending any money, because if you know us, you know we like keeping things as free as possible!


Target Influencers

Make a list of big names that are in your niche. These need to be people who are approachable, responsive, and a few degrees above your level of expertise. We would recommend you start off with popular social media personalities on Twitter, before targeting the Oprahs and Ellens. Once you’re done with the list, think of personal ways you can message them, with suggestions of how they can share details about your podcast.

Engage Your Listeners

Ask your listeners to comment on, rate, and review your show. You can create a blog post with detailed instructions on how to do so. You can even offer an incentive periodically, in the form of a giveaway or contest. Structure it such that anyone who leaves a review/comment is automatically entered to win. And choose an awesome prize that most of your audience would actually like.

Be Strategic With Keywords

There are many strategies to consider as you schedule podcasts, and we went through them in detail here. Follow some of the tricks that are used by top journalists, and use popular keyword phrases in your title. Don’t forget to make it catchy! It gets easier to come up with catchy titles when you’re doing groupcasts.

Tap Into Facebook Groups

Facebook groups are a great way to help raise awareness of your podcast, which will in time help it grow. But please- don’t just join relevant groups and start spamming- no one likes that and you will be banned. Instead, start off by messaging the managers of each Facebook group, and let them know of your podcast, and why you feel their audience would enjoy it if they were to share it.

Create A Facebook Group

Create a special group for your niche once you have a sizable community, and be active in it. Remind members that they can feel free to invite their friends to join in on the fun. You can keep everyone engaged with discussions revolving content that was discussed in your podcast, or content that is soon to be discussed.


Create Nice Visuals

If you’re looking to repurpose your content in the form of blog posts, we highly recommend you create attractive images that can potentially be Pinterest-friendly. Same applies with your cover art. Canva is a fantastic, easy-to-use tool for that. Then you can head over to Pinterest, and pin your content on relevant group boards. Need help finding those relevant group boards? Check out PinGroupie, or just follow your favorite thought leaders, and look into the groups they follow and/or manage. Request to join some groups. If the managers aren’t responding, try to befriend them on other networks, and gently let them know of your request later on.


Create Groupcasts

Why go solo? The more, the merrier! Look into hosting groupcasts whenever possible, so you can broaden your horizons, keep things interesting, and gain a new audience.

Groupcasts > Guest Posts

Whenever you host groupcasts with other speakers, invite them to write a guest post on your blog. If that’s too much for them, you can email some questions and have them reply with answers. At the very least, you can feature a few quotes from them. It will benefit everyone involved. Also- if you are invited to be a guest speaker in someone elses cast, offer to write a post for them on their blog. It will be a quick and easy way for you to increase reach and even get some SEO points with clever mentions and links back to your own site.