Great News for Frequent Flying Fans of Audio Content

Are you a frequent flyer? Infrequent flyer? Heck, if you have at least flown coach a couple of times in the past decade, you for sure noticed the many ways nearly all airline companies started cutting costs on their end. This rarely ever translated to saving for their customers. Instead, passengers ended up losing elbow and leg room as additional seats were added to boost profits. Little by little, other perks started fading away on many airplanes as well, such as free checked bags, quality meal offerings, full size snacks/beverages, and free sandwiches. They even started charging astronomical amounts for the ability to stream audio and video content.

Well, that is beginning to change. A little.

According to the Chicago Tribune, major airlines in the U.S are beginning to make little changes to help make coach flights a little more comfortable for passengers. They are starting off by bringing back free meals and booze on the long domestic flights. And much to the delight of everyone, “A few airlines are even dropping fees for streaming audio and video: American Airlines just matched its two-largest domestic peers by offering cattle class free access to its full menu of in-flight entertainment.”

Thank goodness. At this point, the smallest changes for the better mean a great deal. Passengers can go back to keeping themselves occupied, to help distract themselves from the fact that they don’t have room to stretch.

Curious to know how this was made possible? Are you ready to find out? Are you sure? “The improvements are funded by billions of dollars in profits, including $12 billion reported by the 10 largest U.S. carriers in the first half of this year.” By extended logic, that means your privileges were taken away so you can be overcharged, so airlines can make profits to give the pre-existing privileges back to you.

But you know what? Let’s just be happy and take it! Yes, more content to stream please! And snacks while we’re streaming!