8 Great Sites For Free Audiobooks (Because Why Not?)

Anyone that knows us, both as a team and as an app, knows that we like to keep things free. Who doesn’t love free?! Especially if it’s good stuff. Even more so if you don’t have to put in much effort to enjoy the fruits.

In our previous post, we went over how the rise of audiobooks coincides with the rise of podcasts. If you think about it, that totally makes sense and shouldn’t come as a surprise. Soon after we published the post, we realized that we might as well share a list of sites where anyone can get free audiobooks because… FREE!

We hope you find a few of these appealing. Let us know of any other sites you recommend we add to this list- because there are tons more where these came from. Some of the books in these sites can be downloaded through torrents. Before you proceed to download, please ensure it’s not illegal to do so in your country. We don’t want our friends to get in trouble!

  1. Learn Out Loud: Stream over 3,000 free audiobooks on topics such as science, self development, business, travel, and more. They also have other goodies, including speeches.
  2. Free Classic AudioBooks: Here, you’ll find lots of classics and works of fiction. They also have collections, such as short stories, and science fiction. You can download each of them as MP3s, and some as M4Bs.
  3. Internet Archive: Browse through over 12,000 poems and audiobooks by subject, keywords, and popularity. Great material!
  4. StoryNory: Free audio books for kids. They publish a new one each week, and features some originals in addition to fairy tales, classics, and educational material. Great bedtime story material!
  5. LibriVox: Large selection of audiobooks from the public domain that are read by volunteers. You may not always have a super professional voice artist narrate, but hey- nothing wrong with being read to by someone who is like one of us.
  6. Light Up Your Brain: In addition to many free audiobooks for kids, this site also offers up some cool games and activities that’ll keep them engaged and busy.
  7. ThoughtAudio: As the name suggests, you’ll find lots of philosophical reads and high-level literature. You can stream straight from the site, or download in installments.
  8. Podiobooks: You can download hundreds of books directly from this site, or receive them through an RSS feed to later enjoy like podcasts.