Publish Your ZCast On iTunes, GooglePlay, Spotify, Stitcher or Any Other Podcast Indexing Service

There is something thrilling about having your own podcast on iTunes, GooglePlay or Stitcher. Although most prospective broadcasters have much to contribute to the world of podcasting, they typically find it intimidating or even view it as something that is difficult to accomplish.

Well great news! It is actually much easier than you might think, as long as you follow the simple steps laid out in this post.

If you follow these simple steps, you can make your public ZCast recordings actual shows on your own podcast on iTunes and Google Play- all within a matter of minutes.


Having your podcast live on iTunes, GooglePlay, Stitcher or others will take less than 15 minutes. All it takes are a few simple steps:

  • Describe your podcast (name, description, cover art etc.) using ZCast’s RSS Feed editor
  • Login to iTunes/GooglePlay/Stitcher to publish your ZCast generated RSS feed URL
  • Wait for approval (ok this will take some time, but you can use this time to listen to some good ZCasts of your fellow ZCasters…)

Once you’re approved by the approval teams behind iTunes, Google Play or Stitcher, you will be the proud host of a real podcast on iTunes/GooglePlay/Stitcher, or any other indexing service you choose to publish on.

Going forward, any new show you make public on ZCast will be added to your Podcast show on these platforms automatically.

Below, you will find a detailed description of the steps required to publish your podcast on iTunes/GooglePlay/Stitcher, but the process is similar to any other index.

Note: it might look long and scary, but it is actually one of the more trivial things to do, at the end of the day. Also, if you are scared/confused about the term RSS Feed, this is fine, and you really don’t need to learn the details of an RSS feed in order to publish your ZCast shows on iTunes etc. so just follow the instructions and you’ll be fine.


  • You must have recorded and published at least one public ZCast
  • You must have a cover art image that is at least 1300×1300 (but not larger than 3000×3000) and not larger than 2MB in JPG or PNG format.
  • Make sure you have thought-out the marketing aspects of your podcast: name, description etc.
  • Pick an active e-mail address that you are ok with being public to the world that iTunes/GooglePlay/Stitcher will use to verify during the process (RSS feeds are public by nature)

Edit your Podcast Metadata on ZCast

Open ZCast and go to the RSS feed editing page

  • On web: go to (login if needed) and click the RSS button to access the ‘Edit Podcast Metadata’ option:
  • On iOS: Open the Settings tab, and choose: Podcast RSS Feed -> Edit RSS Profile

Edit the information to the best of your ability. Remember that almost all fields are mandatory.

Tip: Wear your marketing hat and pick the best name for your podcast, describe it well, and make sure your info is accurate, such as your email, name, homepage (which by default is your landing page on ZCast), and the categories of your podcast.

Don’t forget to upload your square cover art image. It should be at least 1300×1300, but no larger than 3000×3000 pixels and the file size should not be more than 2MB in size. Make sure it is a Jpeg or PNG file.

Once you have completed this step, and you are happy with your podcast description, you are ready to save and go on to publish your podcast on iTunes/GooglePlay or any other platform that accepts RSS feeds.

Publish your Podcast on iTunes/GooglePlay/Spotify etc.

This next step is quite straight forward and is very similar between iTunes, GooglePlay and most other podcast indexing services.

Open the publishing page of the relevant platform, and login/create an account if needed


Your RSS feed is generated by ZCast and can be found here (you must have completed the metadata editing phase from above in order to access it):

  • On web: go to (login if needed) and click the RSS button and choose “Copy RSS Link”
  • On iOS: in ZCast go to Settings -> Podcast RSS Feed -> Share RSS URL and copy the URL using the standard iOS share dialog

Paste the link you just copied into the RSS feed URL form field and follow the instructions to validate and submit your podcast for review on the specific platform.

Repeat this with any other podcasting index service you want to be published through.

Tip: You will need to verify your email address so make sure the email address you provided is a real working address.

Once the submission is complete, wait for Apple/iTunes/Stitcher to approve your Podcast. This typically take up to 24 hours.

That’s it, you are now the proud owner of a real podcast show. Now, any ZCast recording you make public on ZCast will automatically be added to your podcast show.

Manage your podcast

To edit specific episode meta-data, go to this episode on your “My Casts” page, and update them.

In addition, each platform such as iTunes or Google Play provides its own portal to manage your podcasts once published. Each might have a different set of features and information provided for your show.

To access iTunes, Google Play or Stitcher’s portal use these links:


If you have any additional questions, don’t hesitate to contact us: or or reach out on Twitter: @ZCastApp or Facebook:


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