Podcasting growth, the booming of #yesphx and ZCast’s 3rd place at Venture Madness 2017

The Edison Research group in partnership with Triton Digital released their annual #InfiniteDial 2017 digital media research results, and podcasting continues to play a big role in it, and keeps its up-and-to-the-right trends. Familiarity with the term...
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Publish Your ZCast On iTunes, GooglePlay, Spotify, Stitcher or Any Other Podcast Indexing Service

There is something thrilling about having your own podcast on iTunes, GooglePlay or Stitcher. Although most prospective broadcasters have much to contribute to the world of podcasting, they typically find it intimidating or even view it as something that...
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What it Takes for a Newbie Podcaster to Gain an Audience

When it comes to creating a podcast for the first time, there is always that sense of dread that makes its way in. You may have an established audience on different social platforms, but what if they don’t migrate over to your podcasts? Maybe you’re...
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