BYOP: Bring Your Own Podcast

Upload your pre-recorded podcasts to ZCast

You’ve asked; we’ve listened!

You can now upload MP3 files of your podcast to your ZCast account and share it with your iTunes subscribers, your social networks, or directly on your personal website using any of our existing sharing options.

To upload an MP3 to your ZCast account, click the Upload button found on the home page or in your MY CASTS page ( on the ZCast web application, click on the new Upload button, select an MP3 file to upload and within seconds you’ll be ready to share your podcast with your subscribers.

If you put the effort to update the metadata of your MP3 file, we will grab that information directly from the MP3 file (including the cover artwork), so you don’t need to re-type anything!

Make any final tweaks to your metadata and publish.

That’s it! Your new podcast is now live on ZCast and will reflect in your RSS feed if you already have one set (btw, you really should, it is super easy and allows you to be listed on iTunes or Google Play like any big podcast!)

Watch how simple it is to publish your podcast from an existing MP3 file in this short video