Baby Boomers LOVE Podcasts

The appeal of podcasts found its way into the hearts of many in recent years. From Gen X’ers, to Gen Y’ers, to Millennials. Since they are the ones that are at their prime, many publishers try their best to cater to them and their needs/interests. But what about Baby Boomers (people born between 1946-1964)? Is anyone creating podcasts with them in mind? Are Boomers even interested? YES and YES!!!

Boomers are more accustomed to consuming audio content than their younger counterparts. They grew up on broadcast radio. In theory, podcasts aren’t all that different- because the Boomers get to immerse themselves in all that is being said by the host(s). In America alone, there are about 76 million Boomers, and they are a target market for numerous podcasts that are geared towards topics such as cooking, to nostalgic topics, to DIY, to retirement.

And why wouldn’t publishers want to target Boomers anyway? After all, they make up about 70% of disposable income (yes really), and they are a fantastic sect to advertise to. A great majority of Boomers are perfectly saavy with their smart devices (including smart cars) which is how most of them listen to their favorite podcasts. Marketers and Advertisers hailing from companies such as Dollar Shave Club, Amazon, and Square Space are aware of this, and capitalize on it accordingly when possible and relevant. According to a poll on Boomers by Ipsos, 65% recalled an ad after hearing the show one day earlier, 47% after a week, and 21% after a month. In a grand scale, that is pretty impressive. According to MediaPost, that type of recall “can be attributed to the intimacy of podcasting and the connection with the host. Most podcast ads are host read- and the power lies therein.”

Here are some popular podcasts that are geared towards (and loved by) Baby Boomers. There’s a mixed bag of content here, and we are sharing these here for their popularity, not as an endorsement:

  • MSNBC Morning Joe – audio portion of the Monday – Friday television program
  • No Agenda – Adam Curry, former MTV VJ, John C. Dvorak, a tech guy have the ultimate conspiracy theory podcast. They “deconstruct” news of the week twice a week in an intelligent and entertaining way.
  • Here’s The Thing – occasional WNYC produced interviews done by Alec Baldwin.
  • Dinner Party Download – Two guys chatting about pop culture weekly.
  • This Morning with Gordon Deal – Traditional daily news podcast.
  • MSNBC Rachel Maddow Show – audio part of the Monday – Friday television program.
  • Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me – weekly NPR news quiz with a rotating panel of humorists.
  • Freakonomics – Two University of Chicago economists discuss unusual but topical theories and how economists would view or react.
  • Ask Me Another – another weekly news quiz.
  • This American Life – Ira Glass and his staff finds interesting stories and investigate and develop them in a fascinating way. Serial is produced by This American Life.

Let us know if you know of any others worth adding to this list!