9 Quick Tips for Broadcasters to CRUSH IT on ZCast App

Many of our users frequently come up to us for some suggestions on tips and tricks to get the most out of their casts. At first, we generally advised people to learn through trial and error, to see what works for them. This is something we did as well on the side (yes, we were all learning together.) As time went on, we realized that there were indeed some “hacks” to attracting audiences *and*¬†keeping them tuned in *and* keep them coming back for more.


Bandwidth Check

Since we’re audio-only, we don’t require a great deal of mbps. Even so, we advise you to check your connectivity and speed. We noticed that a lot of ZCasters cast while driving, which is great (as long as you keep your eyes on the road!) but should you decide to go that route (pun intended), make sure you don’t go over dead zones, or areas with spotty connectivity. Same applies most anywhere indoors- some rooms, or parts of rooms, simply offer better connectivity than others. Those are the ideal areas to cast, to ensure that you don’t confuse your listeners by disconnecting.


Sound Check

We HIGHLY recommend you use a headset with mic when possible while casting. It improves sound quality tremendously, and also prevents echos from taking place. If you’re an iPhone user, the ones that come with the iPhone are awesome for ZCast, no need to purchase anything fancy. Also, if you have long hair, or are wearing a sweater or an outer garment that zips up, please make sure it doesn’t get in the way of the microphone. Your listeners will think there is a connectivity issue, or static. We may have picked up on this lesson the hard way.


Compelling Title

Give your cast an awesome title with pizazz that will spark curiosity. For example, instead of “SEO tips for E-Commerce Sites,” you may fare better with “How to Make More Money FAST on your E-Commerce Site Using SEO.” Maybe even consider tastefully using emojis in your title.


Break Out Of the Eggshell

As you know, ZCast taps into your Twitter to create a profile, and extracts your profile image from there. Please, don’t leave it as the default eggshell. People don’t usually subscribe to casts hosted by eggshells. They like seeing faces, or logos, or something- anything but eggshells! They will automatically assume you’re a spam account- which you’re not.


Always Introduce Yourself

Introduce yourself in each cast. I know, you might feel that there is no need to because many of the listeners might be your friends or followers. But that might not always be the case. There will be many instances in which people will be listening to you for the first time- they don’t know you! Don’t let them feel like it is too late to get to know you.


Appetizers First

Don’t get to the meat of your discussion as soon as you start your cast. Bear in mind- it takes a while for people to tune in. It also takes a while for people to notice that you are live. Give them a chance to set some things aside and click on the link, or open ZCast so they can listen in without missing out on the good stuff. We typically recommend waiting about 2 minutes. You can use those two minutes to greet people as they tune in, and begin introducing yourself.


Don’t Keep It Too Short

This adds on to the previous point. It takes a while for people to see notifications on their feeds, and it is very frustrating for them to tune in after a few minutes, only to see that your cast has ended. Don’t miss out on potential listeners by keeping your casts too short. Space it out, interact with your listeners, and try to make your casts at least 15 minutes long.


Encourage Comments

As you know, you can’t hear your listeners, but they can interact with you¬†via the comments section. Don’t just spew out information. Encourage discussions. Ask your listeners questions that will be quick for them to type the answer to. For example, instead of saying “Tell me if you thought the dress was blue and black, or white and gold,” instruct them, “Type 1 for blue and black, and 2 for white and gold.”


Host Groupcasts

Groupcasts are great for a variety of reasons. For starters, it gives your listeners greater entertainment. It also expands your reach because you are going to tap into the networks of your co-hosts. And the best part of all- it simply makes you look good and more interesting. We understand that real life gets in the way and prevents groupcasts from being a regular thing. However, once a week, or twice a month, that should be manageable. It will also help strengthen the relationship between you and your co-hosts… give it a try!


Do you have any other tips you’d recommend? Let us know! We’re all still learning together!