Changing How We Express Ourselves

Making it easier to share opinions and ideas through audio

Podcasting Should Be Easy!

At ZCast we believe that if you have what to say, you don't need to be a sound engineer to be able to say it. This is why ZCast was designed to make the experience of becoming a podcaster as easy as humanly possible. We ask you only what we have to, and do the rest for you, so you can focus on your Podcasting content and amazing voice.

Our Team

Raz YalovCEO

Raz Yalov


As CEO of ZCast, Raz wears many hats. With his passion for technology, audio, and seamless user experiences, he has been able to bring together a great product and user experience for ZCast users, to enjoy every day.

Hillel Fuld


Hillel is the epitome of a modern CMO. Active on most social platforms, you are hard pressed not see how passionate he is about this business. Keeping his ear to the ground in the tech world helps him generate ideas for new features people are guaranteed to love.

Hillel FuldCMO