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Pick a topic and start casting. It’s that simple. Your followers and whoever wants to listen in can simply tap your cast and they’re in.


For those just tuning in, they can comment on what’s being discussed or just show their love through chat. Let your listeners give feedback real-time.

Listening In

Any person with ZCast can jump into a stream at any time as a muted listener. They can even invite others to listen.


Now listeners can enjoy your casts after the fact. You will also be able to distribute your casts wherever you would like.

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How to Use The App

  • With ZCast you have options. You can create your own cast, invite guest speakers, broadcast to a live audience, and publish the recording. By using your Twitter network, we provide a list of casts from people you already follow. Each cast is searchable, making it easier to find something specific.
  • Get more involved with the cast you’re listening to by providing live commentary. Live tweet during cast and/or interact with other listeners. In the future a caster will be able add you to the cast as a guest speaker, allowing your interaction to go beyond just live chat.
  • With recording, you can tailor your casts to include eye catching images, easily searchable tags, and provide a detailed descriptions to help your listeners find content they will like. When you’re done, share on your social platforms.
  • When you start a cast, a tweet about your topic will be posted for your followers to see. Don’t worry if you’re followers don’t have the app, because they can always join through their desktop browser. So whether they are on their phones or on their computers, your listeners won’t miss a beat.

Leveraging Your Network

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